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Fishing Calendar gives the Fisherman information that can be used to select the best days and times to go fishing. The best days are displayed on the calendar and relevant information about best times is provided for each day.

Simply moving the mouse cursor over the desired date provides astronomical information about the sun and moon. Other features include a monthly display of data in a table format, a monthly display that can be printed and a monthly display of special lunar events.

Fishing Calendar is Shareware. You may download a copy of the program and evaluate it for 21 days. After that time you must register the program if you intend to continue using it.

Registering the program removes the reminder screen, removes the limit on years the calendar can access, enables the ‘Print Calendar’ function and enables the ‘Edit Rating System’ option.

Download Fishing Calendar
Version 4.1 (6.28 MB)

Registered users of any previous version may download and use this version free of charge.

Minimum system requirements to run Fishing Calendar:

  • 486Dx or Pentium processor
  • and Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, NT or Windows XP.

Registering the program:

  • costs $25 US / $30 outside of US.

You can register in several ways:

  • On the internet, via toll free number, or fax. You will be emailed a registration code.

Download FCDBList
Version 1.1 (5.76 MB)

FCDBList (Fishing Calendar Database List) is an added tool for registered users of Fishing Calendar. This program uses the databases created by Fishing Calendar beginning with version 4.0.

FCDBList does not need to be registered, however it checks for a Fishing Calendar registration on systems where installed. A sample database installs which may be run on systems that do not have a registered version of Fishing Calendar.

FCDBList provides what we think is an easier interface to the data created by Fishing Calendar.


Right-click on a Day and get astronomical details in a graphic form. Move the mouse cursor across the time scale and the data changes to reflect the time.
Display Monthly Data in table format. Print or copy data to clipboard.

Fully integrated prediction Database. Pick out Dates and Times (for a year) on user defined search criteria.
Set up an alternate day rating system in registered version

Print a Monthly Calendar
Print a Monthly Calendar from Registry Copy